Challenge #1: Change Your Daily Outlook for Seven Days

When we wake up, when we work through our day, and when we go to bed we are constantly dealing with stressors and chaos on some level. At the end of the day, it typically is not the good things about the day that we think of like having a hot meal, a warm home with warm water and plumbing, electricity/technology, a bed to crash on at the end of our long and busy days, etc. The first thoughts that come forward as we drift to sleep are the negatives of the day like possibly being late, or that joke you made that no one laughed at, (I have experienced this more times than I care to admit), or the food you dropped on your favorite shirt and left a stain. We worry about everything that has to get done the next day. Here it is, still the night before, and we are already stressing over a day that has yet to come, and lets face it- technically is unpredictable. Think of all the times your day didn’t go as expected. So why worry until the moment we have to tactile whatever it is that is causing stress the night before, and probably disrupting your sleep. Here is the perfect opportunity to throw in a favorite cliché- take everything one step at a time. Now I know this is easier said than done, so I want to officially challenge you. It’s a fairly easy challenge, here’s what you have to do:

For the next seven days-

  • Wake up each morning and tell someone that it’s going to be a good day. Text them, snapchat them, post on facebook, tell them face to face, or send them a tweet. Just tell someone, and make the effort to believe it yourself.
  • Right before you go to bed, tell someone, (it can be someone different and it does not have to be the same method as used earlier- the point is just to tell someone), “I had a good day.”
  • While laying in bed waiting to drift off to sleep, rather than thinking over how the day went or something that happened 8 years ago, or something that is about to come up, try to go through your entire day in your head and pick out everything that was good. This would include having a fork to eat your eggs with, putting on clothes and shoes before going wherever it is you are going, having a car to get there, someone willing to give you a ride, or the money to be able to take a taxi or bus if you don’t have a car- every little positive thing throughout the day.

If you truly try this and don’t just go through the motions, try to believe all of the good you are seeing, saying, and thinking and throw away any negative thoughts that try to come creeping in. The more you do this, the easier it will get even in those tougher situations. Watch how even after a week your outlook on life begins to change.


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